Four Hours of CBT!!!

What’s the longest CBT session I’ve ever done? Four hours. Four amazing hours!

Mistress Saskia even did a running commentary of it on her Facebook page which she later posted on FetLife:

I started this up on FB earlier at the beginning of a four-hour CBT session. I was giving updates on how our client and the staff was doing with a special session and thought I’d share my notes here:

12:15pm: We have a charming 70yo Southern gent in today who believes he’ll be able to last three hours with Ms Vylette and a fourth hour with Vylette and Quinn together. His scene just began with airsoft pellets to the groin.

12:20pm: She (Vylette) also had the rubber band six shooter out. If you load it right, it’s an 18 shooter.

1:00pm: Vylette just came into the office to find some tweezers. She’s pulling out his pubes. She was grinning. We get paid for this and that is SO ossim.

1:10pm: He’s from sea level. That’s going to make it even more impressive if he can go the distance. And all he wants is CBT, if I remember right. BA HA HA HA HA!

Speaking of which, I should order more staples.

2:10pm: He’s made it two hours so far. Not even screaming.

2:45pm: Two hours and forty-five minutes! Damn!

3:00pm: Ding! Annnnd Miss Quinn jumps into the ring with a tray of urethral sounds made of ice! And Ms Vylette is doing a corona stapling! Olé! Opa!

3:15pm: He is TOUGH!

3:20pm: Ha. Stun gun got him yelling. Still no safe word. Quinn & Vylette are merciless.

3:38pm: ‎22 minutes to go. He’s going to have to soak his junk in an iced epsom salt bath.

3:42pm: OH dear! A staple tore out and now he’s bloody but still hanging in there. I’m giving him an ice cream bar before he leaves.

I gotta go watch.

3:50pm: Lordy lord, but they have done me proud. He’s a mangled, happy mess. We’re sitting him down with water and ice cream and sending him out with a bag of epsom salts. What a champ! He did it! Crowd goes wild!

4:00pm: How cute! He needed a second ice cream bar!

4:10pm: I’m impressed. FOUR HOURS of CBT! Damn.

All Hail Vylette. All Hail Quinn. And especially All Hail the CBT World Champion!


He was a wonderful client – so much fun!  He even wrote a delightful review of our session. Here’s a pic that I took of his poor tormented cock about halfway though:



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