Masked Toilet Slave!


I love doing online Domme sessions, and this one was a special treat. I had a guy come into my room begging to be my dirty filthy toilet slave – so of course I said yes! (How could anyone said no to such a request?) Not only did he want to be my toilet slave but he also wanted me to take lots of pictures… and this is what I saw when he turned on his cam:



And I got to watch the fun as he licked his toilet clean:



Drank the water as commanded:



And displayed his dirty tongue:



Finally, as a reward for making his toilet oh so clean, I let him jack off into the bowl:



It was awesome!

He’s been back in my room a couple times, eager to serve me again, but other dirty boys have requested sessions before he’s had a chance to go private.

Want to do my bidding?

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